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Flu treatments - naturally

Flu prevention and flu treatments have become dominant health issues today.

The outbreak of a new form of bird or avian flu in Southeast Asia in mid-2003 had caused considerable panic. There had been warnings - including warnings from former US President George Bush - that millions of people will die from an avian flu pandemic. So far, that has thankfully not happened and the human death toll from avian flu, after about five years, is 248 people as of January 2009.

Then in April 2009 came reports of a new strain of Mexican swine flu, now called the H1N1 virus. Again, this has caused widespread panic - and nations and individuals scrambling to stockpile drugs for flu treatments.

But it's not just the flu that has become a major source of concern. In recent decades, there has been a series of new infectious diseases appearing, such as the Ebloa virus, "flesh eating bacteria" and SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome. At the same time, a lot of "old" diseases that were supposd to have been tackled long ago have been making a fierce new comeback. They include diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, diptheria, etc. Many have returned as drug resistant strains.

The outcome of such disease outbreaks - and scares - is not just that people get sick. The economy gets badly affected as well. During the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome or "SARS disease", a friend's wife who worked at one of Singapore's 5-star hotels said that there was only ONE guest in the entire hotel with several hundred rooms. That's how bad things can get.

So although this website is titled Flu treatments, it covers a lot more infectious diseases - all those diseases supposedly "casued" by bacteria and viruses. It considers what causes the flu and even takes a critical look at the germ theory of disease and asks if bacteria and viruses really cause disease? Or is it the other way around as some scientists argue - that bacteria and viruses are the result of diseases?

The emphasis of this website is preventing and treating the flu NATURALLY. So you will not find the usual exhortions to get your flu shots or to stock up on antiviral drugs like Tamiflu. Instead, you will learn here that

You will also find a discussion on various natural flu treatments like traditional chinese herbal medicine. And you may be surprised to discover there that osteopathy and chiropractic, two natural healthcare systems commonly associated with the relief of aches and pains, had excellent success rates during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. Homeopathic medicine, too, has proven highly effective.

You will even learn about the yin and yang of the flu. You probably will not find articles like this elsewere on the world wide web!

Apart from flu treatments, you will also pick up useful tips here on various diet and lifestyle factors that will help you prevent the flu naturally. Again, we are not talking here about standard advice like "wash your hands" or "avoid crowded places". Instead, you will learn about how to prevent the flu with:

And if you think it is a good idea to drink plenty of water, think again... doing so will weaken your cell membrane structure and make you more vulnerable to virus attack. Find out exactly how much water to drink?


I hope you enjoy and learn much from your visit. If you do, please tell your family, friends and loved ones about this website and encourage them to drop by.

Flu Treatments Naturally! is launched on 10 May 2009 with about 20 informative pages. If you are one of my early visitors, I would like especially to THANK YOU :-) for dropping by early. It is always exciting to launch a brand new website, and encouraging to see visitors even during the first few days. Do drop by again soon, for there will be more informative pages added.

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